Vehicle Management System: Why Use For Industrial Trucks?

vehicle management system

Properly managed industrial trucks serve as the workhorses of operations because it handles materials; however, there are several known problems that hinder these operations which include operator labor expenses and accidents. With the help of vehicle management system, these and other issues can be limited.

The basic starting point is the control over the vehicle access. Because it is most unlikely for vehicle operators in the industry to keep hold of several keys in their possession, the keys are fated to stay in the truck’s ignition. This practice would enable anyone to use the truck anytime with minimal liability. With this, the following can happen:

  1. Unknown damage to products, vehicles and the facility.

  2. Huge discrepancies in the operators’ actual time spent in operating the vehicle against the amount of salary. They are being paid for the 8 hours of shift yet the actual times of driving are always less than the 50% of clock time.

  3. Inability to comply with the safety standards of OSHA. This will ensure that trained operators are the only ones who can use the vehicles under a safe operating state.

A vehicle management system allows a business to use the labor force appropriately and offer a more secured workplace that steers towards making the best use of materials and profits.

Despite this, a lot of companies have very little data and tools to gauge the entire productivity of operators and no sufficient method of securing the safety of the vehicles in operation. There is also a limited system to locate the assignments of the operators or to place them into new assignments according to the peak requirements.

What is the Vehicle Management System?

The vehicle management system or VMS starts with the vehicle access control. To begin any management system involving vehicles, an operator must present a badge ID to the installed card reader on the vehicle. This system is connected to the ignition of the vehicle and will start only if the operator has been authorized.

VMS enables you to think about the following considerations:

  • If the operators are driving properly or safely

  • If there are employees who are taking up a lot of time accomplishing their tasks compared to others

  • The length of time allowed to finish a task

  • The available number of vehicles in the fleet

  • Identifying where to focus the labor resources

  • Predicting the operators and vehicles that will be needed

  • The proper maintenance of vehicles

  • Ways to increase the vehicle uptime

Why Consider the Vehicle Management System

  • The operators get paid up to 4 hours more than the usual time of material movement

  • The managers and supervisors will do the best they could and have

  • There is a chance to be asked to be more productive every day

  • The employees are assured of their safety

  • It is becoming the standard for a good work environment

Once the system is started, it checks for and locates exactly the way it is used. The information is automatically gathered in real time to give a visibility needed to handle the business effectively.

Industrial Security: Fully Integrated Systems Work Best

industrial security

Industrial Security: Fully Integrated Systems Work Best

Many people go to great lengths to implement effective home security solutions. Big corporations with much more valuable information, assets and people to protect than homeowners spare no effort in obtaining the most adequate industrial security systems. But to provide the best protection for large business operations requires fully integrated and comprehensive industrial security systems.

When looking for a security systems provider, it is wise to steer clear of security experts who claim to have all the answers from the start; either they are not being honest with you, or they do not know what they are talking about. Each business enterprise has unique security requirements. Therefore, a truly professional security systems provider would begin with an assessment of your company’s security situation. They would determine the nature and severity of perceived threats before offering solutions designed to neutralize those threats. But in a true industrial setting, anything less than a fully integrated system may not provide enough protection.

Why Do You Need A Fully Integrated Security System?

Industrial complexes involve large areas, sensitive information, large numbers of people and lots of resources. This makes the job of monitoring for security threats very difficult without harnessing the full power of integration and task automation.

Securing large manufacturing complexes, for example, would require equipment to monitor many different types of areas or zones, each having to deal with its own set of threats. There are office spaces, warehouses, manufacturing zones, etc. to deal with. You need to secure the resources and materials stored at warehouses from theft. Offices need proper access control (both physical and data) to protect any office assets and sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. At manufacturing zones, on the other hand, it is the safety of personnel and equipment which is important.

A security system which integrates physical and data access control, intrusion detection, various types of alarms and video surveillance into one control panel is more effective. It is less vulnerable to incidents, and when incidents still occur, it enables security personnel to provide better response. Integration lets the various sub systems support each other. To illustrate, the access control system can be programmed to go on a lockdown mode when the intrusion detection system reports a security breach. Video cameras and strategically deployed lighting can be directed to activate and track suspects detected by the intrusion system.

One aspect of security that many companies fail to realize is that physical security and data security are tightly interlinked. The best passwords and firewalls in the world cannot prevent the theft of sensitive or valuable data if physical security is so weak that a thief can just walk out with a laptop or computer. This article discusses integrated data security. That situation will give the miscreants all the time in the world to break into stolen hard drives. On the other hand, poor data security can result in sensitive information allowing thieves to physically break into your facility.

To sum up, security requirements of large industrial complexes require reputable security professionals to help design and implement a fully integrated security solution. Anything less is just a waste of time and resources.

Multitouch Display – An Impressive Presentation Medium

multi touch display

When we display anything it is almost universally true that we do so in the hope of attracting attention. Nowhere is this statement truer than on displays deployed for business purposes. Business displays are meant to attract attention which the entrepreneur hopes will lead to a sale of the products and services they offer. For this reason, businessmen do not hesitate to invest in attention grabbing displays.

While the display itself and the messages it contains are the most important essentials, it is the presentation which attracts prospective clients to take a closer look. To catch the attention of passers-by, businessmen use dynamic displays with vivid colors and featuring the latest technology; a multitouch display does all that. In fact, the only reason it is only recently that multitouch display has become popular is cost; however, advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to sell multi touch monitors at more affordable prices. As for people who still cannot afford to replace their passive flat panel monitors with multi touch screens, there is an even more affordable option is the form of multi touch screen overlays. This article discusses ways entrepreneurs are using multi touch screens to engage their clients.

How Multi Touch Displays Are Used To Impress

Product presentations are much more impressive when conducted through the use of multi touch screens. People are naturally attracted to opportunities to interact in a way which product lectures cannot match. It is for this reason that many showrooms now feature touch screens proudly touting the benefits of a company’s range or products or services. Businessmen also benefit from the tendency of their target market to use touch screens rather than approach sales staff; they accomplish the same objective of educating people about their products through a more efficient medium.

Trade shows now include multiple exhibitor booths boasting of touch screen displays, in addition to touch screen kiosks displaying navigation information and advertisements. The people managing the trade shows get advertising income and need to employ less ushers to guide visitors and guests.

Multi touch screens are great for playing video games. That is why entrepreneurs have learned to use specially programmed games to inform the public about their products, services and special promotions. As people enjoy the games, it paints a positive image of the company while still managing to inform the target market about their products.

It is when selling involves a face to face presentation with a client where a multi touch screen’s power to impress really shines. One example of this kind of use is in selling real estate. Information about the project development, model homes, prices, and options offered can all be accessed through mere touches and gestures. The client can even join in by actively selecting the option he or she is interested in.

Another example is presenting or even just brainstorming projects with clients. The projects can be anything from an ad campaign, a construction project, product design, or anything that requires collaboration. Being part of the process starts the client in a positive mood.

When you need to impress with your presentation, using a multi touch screen makes a great start.