Effective Cause-Related Advertising in 2016

Cause related advertising is one among the components of making the business to grow. Many advertisement methods have failed while others have helped the business to grow. Cause marketing is a type of marketing which involves the corporate involvement of a for-profit business and a non- profit organization. They both benefit from the relationship. It usually bring about 140 million people all over the world. Hence it is one among the most important advertisement methods.

Here are some of the example effective cause-related advertising in 2016.

Point of sale

This is when the customers are checking out, the cashier may politely ask for donations or give you brochures that are usually displayed at the register desk. Some business have been successful with such advertisement, this includes Kmart.


It is also a method where a company uses a nonprofit brand on their product this triggers corporate giving to the global fund.

Message promotion

Having inspiring message sent to people can be a good strategy. Ensure the name of your advertising campaign is inspiring as well as catchy. One that cannot easily be forgotten. For example #ITouchMyselfProject for breast cancer awareness. It is a strategy to create awareness as well as raise funds.

Social media and digital media

This is the latest trending method, with about 1 billion people using the social media. You can be effective using social media. Some nonprofit organizations have used the media platform and have raised a lot of funds. This includes: American Express Statue of Liberty Restoration and the Members Project

Open a web account and give a strong story one that will captivate the donors. You can include pictures that will support the cause as well as videos. At least 20% of the population read the web pages and it is a big number to reach out to. A good example is the UNICEF Chile campaign which took a dramatic approach by putting some images that evoked emotions and led to the popularity of the one shot on cyber bullying campaign.

Purchase donation

This is where when a consumer buy a product, then a certain amount of money is donated. For instance, American Express offered to contribute 1 cent every time there is a card transaction and one dollar if there was a new card issued. It was able to raise about 1.7 million, this is what gave birth to the cause marketing in 1983.

Employee engagement

This is where the employees volunteer themselves for a good cause. A good example is in 2005 to 2008 the Home Depot and KaBOOM took the employee engagement to other new level, the campaign was 1000 playground in 1000 days, in 3 years it was able to build playgrounds that were close to the children’s homes where kids would enjoy. Ever since many companies have embraced the employee engagement method.

These are among the best cause related advertising technique. It is very important for a business to be careful with the campaign to work for, if it you decide to choose the most popular campaign, it becomes too obvious and most customer may tend to shun away.

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