While it’s important and vital for corporations, partnerships, organizations and companies to expertly and excellently manage and operate the licensing of their software effectively and adequately with the shift or migration of many systems and operations to cloud based storage. The process of shifting and migrating has become a stumbling block to many corporations, partnerships, organizations and companies.

Flexera which is specialist in IT asset lifecycle management is helping and assisting with the launch and kick start of a new and unique solution addressing or solving the issues and problems related to the management and operation of cloud Infrastructure as a Service.

Another excellent and magnificent software is FlexNet Manager that was made for Cloud Infrastructure. It gives organizations, corporations, partnerships and companies centralized overall and exclusive visibility into their cloud services and storage use. This in the end gives the corporations, partnerships, organizations and companies the capability to optimize costs of control and optimization.

This first and official release focuses on the optimization of (AWS) Amazon Web Services. The Amazon Web Services is the most widely adopted cloud storage and infrastructure service. This helps the corporations, partnerships, organizations and companies to be able to cut and minimize costs of operations and miscellaneous expenses.

“The cloud storage services and infrastructure industry is growing exponentially. Its growth rate is more than 5 times faster and quicker than that of any other information technology sectors as corporations, partnerships, organizations and companies shift and migrate away from internal and local hardware as methods of storing data to greater use of public cloud storage services and infrastructures. This shift or migration in expenditure means having the ability and capability to optimize, manage and track cloud services usage that is essential and vital for responsible management of costs and governance,” says the CEO and president of Flexera Software, Mr. Jim Ryan. “With FlexNet Manager as a software for Cloud services and Infrastructure as part and parcel of FlexNet Manager Suite for enterprises, corporations, partnerships, organizations and companies, Flexera Software enables corporations, partnerships, companies and organizations to manage and optimize cloud infrastructures and its services and the software running and operating in the cloud, along with traditional and conventional on-premises software”.

FlexNet Manager a software for Cloud Infrastructure services can automatically import the data for a corporation, partnership, organization or company concerning the billing and usage of the data from multiple, diverse and different accounts to deliver a centralized view of all Amazon Web Services instances and accounts across the business model. A cloud dashboard provides or offers an executive view of levels of the corporations’, partnerships’, organizations’ or companies’ use of cloud resources and services, showing total spend and consumption patterns across all Amazon Web Services cloud subscriptions.

Cloud usage reporting and analysis enables corporations, partnerships, organizations and companies to optimize costs hence eliminate waste. Users can easily analyze data or information and view reports of consumption and breakdowns based on Amazon Web Services instance types, both on Reserved and On-demand instances, view rates of consumption by departments and initiate and perform trending analysis.

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