Vehicle Management System: Why Use For Industrial Trucks?

vehicle management system

Properly managed industrial trucks serve as the workhorses of operations because it handles materials; however, there are several known problems that hinder these operations which include operator labor expenses and accidents. With the help of vehicle management system, these and other issues can be limited.

The basic starting point is the control over the vehicle access. Because it is most unlikely for vehicle operators in the industry to keep hold of several keys in their possession, the keys are fated to stay in the truck’s ignition. This practice would enable anyone to use the truck anytime with minimal liability. With this, the following can happen:

  1. Unknown damage to products, vehicles and the facility.

  2. Huge discrepancies in the operators’ actual time spent in operating the vehicle against the amount of salary. They are being paid for the 8 hours of shift yet the actual times of driving are always less than the 50% of clock time.

  3. Inability to comply with the safety standards of OSHA. This will ensure that trained operators are the only ones who can use the vehicles under a safe operating state.

A vehicle management system allows a business to use the labor force appropriately and offer a more secured workplace that steers towards making the best use of materials and profits.

Despite this, a lot of companies have very little data and tools to gauge the entire productivity of operators and no sufficient method of securing the safety of the vehicles in operation. There is also a limited system to locate the assignments of the operators or to place them into new assignments according to the peak requirements.

What is the Vehicle Management System?

The vehicle management system or VMS starts with the vehicle access control. To begin any management system involving vehicles, an operator must present a badge ID to the installed card reader on the vehicle. This system is connected to the ignition of the vehicle and will start only if the operator has been authorized.

VMS enables you to think about the following considerations:

  • If the operators are driving properly or safely

  • If there are employees who are taking up a lot of time accomplishing their tasks compared to others

  • The length of time allowed to finish a task

  • The available number of vehicles in the fleet

  • Identifying where to focus the labor resources

  • Predicting the operators and vehicles that will be needed

  • The proper maintenance of vehicles

  • Ways to increase the vehicle uptime

Why Consider the Vehicle Management System

  • The operators get paid up to 4 hours more than the usual time of material movement

  • The managers and supervisors will do the best they could and have

  • There is a chance to be asked to be more productive every day

  • The employees are assured of their safety

  • It is becoming the standard for a good work environment

Once the system is started, it checks for and locates exactly the way it is used. The information is automatically gathered in real time to give a visibility needed to handle the business effectively.

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