Why Every Manufacturer Should Know About 3D Printing Api

Manufacturing involves the transformation of ideas and raw materials into a final product that is considered more useful. It is a complicated process comprising several steps that require careful monitoring. Without proper strategies and design, it is often difficult to fully comply with the set procedures which can lead to enormous loses to the company. In an attempt to make manufacturing efficient, reliable and easy to monitor, developers came up with the 3D Printing APIs.  3D printing Application Programming Interface (API) is an exciting development that allows manufacturers to design, model, fully visualize their products and generally have more significant control over the specific production area.

Shapeways is a 3D printer that deploys the use of web APIs and cloud print services, revolutionizing the manufacturing process.  3D printing API is, therefore, a must-have for every ambitious manufacturer. Shapeways intends to enable every person to develop, make and create whatever that they may wish to create using digital manufacturing. 3D printing coupled with web APIs are giving manufacturing an entirely new definition.

The critical considerations for a manufacturer are efficient and low-cost production process, reasonable pricing for the product and product availability in the market which will influence the sales. 3D printing API technically covers all that is vital to a manufacturer in the ways elaborated below.

Proper design for the product to manufacture and the process

Unlike traditional design methods, 3D printing allows for better visualization of the final products. Adjustments can be made accordingly to suit needs and cost; this is especially vital in pharmaceutical manufacturing as more complete models are achievable and testing is possible.  Spatial’s 3D printing software enables a continuous flow from design to production:

Marketing and sales

3D printing API enables manufacturers to upload 3D models of their products and post them for sales. To create a new product on Shapeways, you will only require 3D models of the product and follow some set procedures. The product will remain private until the moment you decide to get it public.

Instant product price determination

The Shapeways API uses many dimensions for valuation to the most appropriate price for products presented as 3D geometry.

Waste reduction and production optimization

The additive manufacturing, in this case, uses only the materials needed to build the product thus no/minimal wastage. The manufacturing process is well understood and connected thus hitches avoided, and optimal production realized. Shapeways APIs handles the entire manufacturing process starting from the raw material collection, production, processing, post-manufacturing processes, and shipping. It is thereby easier to scale up operations as desired to get maximum profits.

Remodeling manufacturing -as-a-service

Shapeways 3D printing API offers its customers the liberty to tap into make orders, complaints and inquiries, this enables elasticity in the manufacturing to suit consumers’ needs. Responsiveness has also significantly improved with the use of 3D printing API as prompt actions are possible.

The 3D Printing APIs makes manufacturing process very quick and seamless. Every manufacturer should have this vital tool in their process for efficient operation.

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